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Visiting Palermo with children

It is not always easy to find holiday activities that can bring together adults and children, but Palermo is not lacking in proposals for families who want to have fun together. A few days ago, for example the Butterfly House has been set up inside the Riso Museum of Contemporary Art. This is a winter garden full of exotic and rare plants among which there flutter hundreds of these fascinating insects, such as the Butterfly cobra, with a wingspan that reaches 30 centimeters, and the Monarch, whose wings boast beautiful orange hues. There are also insects of other species such as the fasmidae, a group to which the singular “stick insect” and “leaf insect” belong. The visit is very interesting and the children will appreciate the opportunity to immerse themselves in the variety of the natural environment (until 14 June 2019, visits Monday – Saturday 9 am-6pm, Sundays and holidays 10 am-7pm). This Sunday, February 24, the Butterfly House is one of the stops of the “Safari” organized by Palermobimbi, a special tour designed for children who, inspired by the flight of butterflies, will discover the city from above. The Safari, designed for groups of children and adults, begins in Piazza Bologni and ends with a visit to the Butterfly House, and includes stops at the cathedral, where you will climb the rooftops, and the tower of San Nicolò. In short, a “playful walk” that intends to stimulate the observation of the city by submitting questions, riddles and small tests, designed to be easily solved by children 6 years of age and up, independently or with little help from the adults. For registration click HERE

Speaking of nature, in Palermo you can make other visits which are very interesting for the whole family. A place like the Botanical Garden, for example, has something for every taste: in this vast garden, one of the largest in Europe of its kind, you can make pleasant experiences, starting from simple walks to discover the species that populate the garden such as the thorny chorisie, the gigantic ficus but also the parrots that live among the trees and the frogs peeping among the water lilies of the large pool (open every day 9-17).

The nearby Doderlein Museum, dedicated to zoology, is a structure that will appeal to children and adults as well. In the showcases, most of which date back to the original nineteenth-century setting (an element that adds further charm to the small museum), there are thousands of fish, birds, reptiles, small mammals, with specimens of great value for science such as holotypes, species which are extinct in Sicily etc. (visits Monday – Friday 9 am-1pm, Saturday and Sunday 10 am-5pm).

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