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The concerts of the Amici della Musica

The opening of the evening season of the Amici della Musica (Friends of Music) of Palermo, next January 29, is entrusted to Noa: the Israeli singer will perform the Italian premiere of Letters to Bach. These are twelve pieces of music by the great German composer, specially arranged by Gil Dor, for whom Noa has written modern texts, in English and Hebrew, that address the many themes of the contemporary world, from technology to global warming, without forgetting the long and painful Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The second evening concert, on February 12, will see on stage the violinist Francesco D’Orazio and the pianist Gianpaolo Nuti: the show, titled “Americans”, brings together music by Kernis, Glass, Antheil, Cage, Adams, Piazzolla-Gubaidulina. Throughout the spring and then again in the autumn the concerts will take place twice a month (for the complete calendar click here).

The association also has an afternoon season (beginning of concerts at 5.45), whose debut is scheduled for 28 January with “Il viandante”: pianist Francesco Libetta will perform music by Rossini, Schubert and Liszt. On February 4, the second concert is the Quartetto Noûs, with music by Fauré, Debussy and Ravel (the complete calendar here).

The concerts of the Palermo association are held in the splendid setting of the Politeama Garibaldi theater, built in the mid-nineteenth century on a project by the architect Giuseppe Damiani Almeyda. The monumental building dominates Piazza Ruggero Settimo (for the inhabitants of Palermo, this is simply “Piazza Politeama”) with its Pompeian style structure surmounted by the splendid bronze quadriga depicting the “Triumph of Apollo and Euterpe” by the sculptor Mario Rutelli, and two statues of knights on rearing steeds. The theater was inaugurated in 1874, but it was still incomplete: even the roof was missing, a splendid metal and glass covering that was built in 1877. In the following years the pictorial decorations were added both inside and outside the theater, entrusted to different artists, selected from those who at the time went for the greatest. The “official” opening of the finished theater took place in 1891. The theater is open for visits every day from 9.30am to 6pm.

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