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Good news in 2018

To close the year in the best way, we want to list here some good news. Everybody needs them! Knowing that the world is not so bad after all, is very important… and at least improves your mood.

CLet’s start with pollution, especially that caused by plastic. We all know that plastic waste is one of the great emergencies of our times. While in Italy right from 1 January 2019 it will be forbidden to sell the cotton swabs made of plastic, another quiet bigger good news is that the tests are in full swing to start the great cleaning operation imagined by the young Dutch Boyan Slat in the shortest possible time: The Great Ocean Clean Up will attack the so-called Great Pacific Garbage Patch, almost 80 thousand tons of waste floating in the Pacific. Still on the subject of the environment, the signal coming from Maersk, the largest shipping company in the world, is also important: the company recently announced significant investments in the research for an alternative to the fossil fuel currently used. A challenging project, which once implemented will contribute to the cleanliness of the world’s seas as well.

We totally change the topic and move on to Saudi Arabia: in this that is considered one of the most difficult countries with regard to the respect for human rights, there is still good news to report, that is to say that since June women have obtained the permission of driving. A small thing, perhaps, but which also has great value on a symbolic level.

Speaking of animals instead, the good news is that the mountain gorilla population has never been so numerous: what better prize for animal rights activists and scientists who have been fighting for many years to protect this species?

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