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Last days for Manifesta

Giuseppe La spada, FLUCTUS

Manifesta 12 is about to end: the big biennial that began last June in Palermo, will end on November 4th. To close with a flourish, the last event of the Public Program has been organized for the last four days of the event: Interspecies will take place at the Garibaldi Theater and in other venues of the biennale and places in the city.

Interspecies presents a final line of research, which looks at the uncertain future of the late and post-Anthropocene. The multimedia and participatory events of this last segment take into consideration the new and different needs and aspirations of those non-human subjects – animals, the environment, plants, and the mineral kingdom – who share the planet with men and for whose destiny new forms of shared responsibility are being defined. Scientists, activists, theorists, artists and performers will gather to discuss life and resistance in the coming decades, in an interweaving of points of view that range from ecology and philosophy to visual culture. Among the guests Gilles Clément, Nerea Calvillo Gonzalez, the collective Aleppo and some of the artists participating in Manifesta 12: Leo Contini, Michael Wang, Uriel Orlow, Taus Makhacheva and Invernomuto who will present new performances for the occasion.

The Manifesta setas will remain open according to the usual hours (Tuesday – Sunday, 10am – 8pm) with the exception of the Botanical Garden and the Church of Santa Maria dello Spasimo which close at 6 pm. The two sites Pizzo Sella and Volpe Astuta can only be visited by booking a tour with one of the Manifesta 12 Gardeners (for info write to To purchase tickets you can go to the site of the event.

The last of Manifesta’s side events is also worth mentioning: until November 4th, the seventh edition of I-design, will take place. The festival conceived by Daniela Brignone involves seventy-one artists, designers and companies and counts about thirty events including exhibitions, installations, conferences and meetings. The heart of the event is the complex of Santa Maria dello Spasimo, which will become a theater of design but also a place to think about new utopias. Here you’ll find Fucina Madre, protagonist of Matera European Capital of Culture, with 26 local artisans and designers; Astro Mode, an original project conceived by the Turin artist Sergio Cascavilla that brings back the world of childhood thanks to a large size composition made with the famous “chiodini” (pins); the installation “(h) AL Extruding” by Studio Squar-e that enhances the materiality and the ductility of aluminum, its lightness and its capacity for transformation, and more. The exhibitions will be open to visitors, free entry, until November 4 (from Tuesday to Sunday 9,30-18).

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