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Sicilian cuisine 7

The cuisine of the center of Sicily is obviously linked to the rural culture. It is characterized by simple but very tasty flavors with many genuine products, even rare and protected by Slow Food. This is the case of the broad bean of Leonforte, for example, the basic ingredient of maccu, a sort of soup of remote origin. The name derives from “ammaccare” meaning to crush, because of the traditional preparation process which involved crushing cooked beans with a ladle.
Legumes are generally an appreciated ingredient. Villalba’s small lentils are also grown in the area, to be enjoyed in robust soups. If you like legumes you can also ask for frascatula, a sort of gruel based on mixed legumes. Among the first courses there is the pasta “ricasciata” a timbale of pasta and meat sauce enriched with slices of salami, cheese and peas.

In the second courses you’ll find mostly meat: only the province of Caltanissetta has a short stretch of coast and therefore fish is not widespread in gastronomy, if not in coastal locations, of course. Ask for the “salsiccia magna” (sausage), flavored with cheese. Speaking of cheese, Piacentino ennese deserves a special mention: this is a cheese flavored with saffron that only very few producers still make according to the original recipe and which, according to tradition, was invented during the Norman domination.

Finally the desserts. Caltanissetta is renowned for the production of nougat, while if you are in the area of Delia, you must absolutely taste the cuddrireddra, scented biscuits with cinnamon that go perfectly with a liqueur at the end of a meal.

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