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Visiting Palermo with an app

Nowadays we don’t have to travel with heavy volumes full of tourist information (which might even be dated): today those who start planning a vacation, first of all download one or more travel applications on the smartphone. You can collect plenty of maps, photos and texts, useful information, itineraries and tips in a virtual space and recall them just with a simple “tap”.

Among the most recent products there is Key of Palermo (for Iphone and Android), which we like to signal as it is available in English, French and German, and therefore also suitable for the cosmopolitan public of our hotel. The menu includes a wide range of topics, such as restaurants and bars, monuments, shopping, events, as well as maps to easily locate your destination.

There are also apps with guides of all Sicily (including Palermo), such as that by the Touring Club (for Iphone and Android): it contains suggestions for itineraries on foot or by car, descriptions of monuments with visiting hours and relevant web site, directions for eating and sleeping, shopping and night clubs, events, insights. Also this app is multilingual: it is available in Italian, English, German, French and Spanish.

Last but not least we find the app by Izi Travel. You can download it on iOs or Android. Palermo is present in its audible guide catalog, with tours like the one in the old markets. It is available in English, and so are the audioguides of Sicilian volcanoes, of the archaeological area of Morgantina with the Museum of Aidone, of picturesque villages such as Scicli and Montalbano Elicona.

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