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Holidays at the sea, bring your children!

Holidays at the sea, bring your children!

Our hotel, thanks to its location across from the beach of Mondello, is ideal for those wanting a beach holiday. Mondello, on the other hand, as we have written on other occasions, is perfect for children, because the beach is sandy and the seabed, at the shore, is not very deep.

Unfortunately, some people give up the holidays by the sea because they are afraid to take their children, fearing that exposure to the sun or diving can be harmful to them in some way. Actually these fears are totally unfounded. On the contrary, a beach vacation can be a blessing for the little ones. Exposure to the sun, for example, stimulates the production of vitamin D, which is essential because it fixes calcium (introduced into the body with food) to the bones, thus sustaining the harmonious development of the skeleton. Also there are the benefits to the respiratory system: the sea air acts as a natural aerosol. The skin also benefits from a seaside holiday: the salt water, for example, is therapeutic for people suffering from eczema.

That said, it is clear that we must observe a few rules to maximize the benefits and avoid possible problems, primarily sunburn and heatstroke.

The first and most important thing is to avoid the hottest hours, between 11 and 17, even if the day is cloudy. It is not enough to place children in the shade! Infants, up to six months of age, should not be exposed to the sun.
A good sunscreen is indispensable, preferably with physical and not chemical filters, with the total filter or at least SPF 50. The cream should be applied before going to the beach and then smeared several times, especially if the child sweats and after bathing. Children with fair complexion should, at least for the first few days, wear a cotton T-shirt (preferably white or clear) and everybody should wear a cotton cap After a day in the sun, it is a good idea to apply a good after sun moisturizer.
As to the diet, make sure that the child drinks a lot and offer him/her fresh fruits and vegetables as a snack. Avoid packaged snacks, very salty foods (eg chips), iced drinks.

If your child can not swim or is afraid, do not force him/her to enter the water. This is especially true if you decide to use our swimming pool. High water may seem frightening to a child (the hotel obvioulsy provides a rescue service, and this is present all along the shore). The best thing is to get in the water in person, showing that there is nothing to be afraid of and thar wallowing is indeed fun and refreshing. Sooner or later even the most reluctant will be persuaded.

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