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Holidays with the children

Holidays with the children

During the recent renovation of the hotel, we equipped it with three family rooms, spacious and bright rooms providing a comfortable lodging for parents and two children. We also have a play area, a nice supervised swimming pool and, last but not least, a beautiful sandy beach, comfortably equipped, perfect for our youngest guests.

There is every reason, in short, to bring your children on holiday with you and besides, traveling with children is not that difficult. Just arrange everything on time. Start involving children in the preparation of the trip. Even kids aged 4 or 5 will be happy to see photos of the destination, they’ll listen carefully to your descriptions and they’ll be able to lend a hand in the preparation of the luggage. By the way, do not forget some of the favorite toys: having a doll or stuffed animal with them will make the children feel more confident and relaxed. For your peace of mind it would also be a good idea to bring an adequate pharmacy for emergencies (which of course we wish you’ll not need). Sunscreen,is essential: here in Mondello the summer sun burns!

For the journey itself, keep a little sortment of games and toys within reach, to entertain the little ones. Even a simple colouring book with crayons is an excellent idea. You can ask the children to paint what they see around and then put the drawings in an album of memories! With some snacks and a bit of water and fruit juices you can tackle any journey.

Once at your destination, remember that it is indeed important to plan the vacation, but also not stressing out with too tight schedules, especially if you are traveling with children. You have to let them time to rest and play quietly, and do not forget to involve them by asking them what they would like to do!

Finally, some advice on the activities that can be done in the city. Every day at 18 (except Sunday), the Puppet Museum has an Opera dei Pupi show, featuring the typical Palermo puppets. On stage the adventures of the Paladins of France, with duels, escapes, loves and adventures of all kinds. Then there are the initiatives of the GAM, the Gallery of Modern Art, which organizes educational and fun workshops for children over three years, taking advantage of the open spaces of the cloister.

A little out of town (but easily accessible by car from our hotel) is the Bioparco, a small, modern zoo with large playgrounds, picnic and even reproductions of prehistoric environments, complete with dinosaurs.

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